Promoting any website on the Internet has been tricky in the past few years, due to now-and-then updating of the different search engines, like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Just recently, Google released the Panda 4.0 update to filter millions of sites from across the globe. This new update sifts the high quality sites from those low quality sites in terms of content. This algorithm is believed to be friendlier to the search engine optimizers than its preceding updates.

Due to regular updating, you might think it is unsure for you to place your business site on the top page so that the search engine users can easily find it. However, it is still believed that the best link building strategies are useful and helpful for your site to ascend in the search engine result pages or SERPs. You have to keep in your mind that the purpose of link building is to build quality backlinks, which will eventually help your site go up.

Provided below are the 10 link building strategies that are most applicable and useful for your Internet marketing campaign this year:

Content Marketing

Internet marketers really believe in the context that “content is king!” To have natural and high-quality juices, this is the natural method you can use. You don’t need to have forced backlinks, but only through high-quality, informative, and educational content. Content marketing can really provide you with quality backlinks. Thus, it must be the first priority of your link building campaign this year.

Social Media

Next to content marketing is the use of social media. Millions of people worldwide are using different social media platforms every single day. They use Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to share personal life updates, photos, social and sharable news, and any other information. Therefore, you can use social media to build numerous backlinks going to your site.

Quality Blogging

Blogging, for some people, is difficult. But actually, it can be easy if you know how to do it right. Through blogging, you can have a legion of supporters and followers. The main secret is constant updating. You have to update your posts occasionally. Failure to do this can detriment your blogging campaign. Don’t think it as difficult; just learn simple blogging platforms like WordPress. In creating a blog, you should determine your audience based on your personal interests. Don’t create a blog with topic that is out of nowhere and is not familiar with you.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the link building tips any SEO master or expert will suggest. The online marketers on this planet believe in its essential power and contribution to the aspired high-quality backlinks. You are only required to know the secrets behind it. The first secret is to find high PR guest blogging sites. You can use Alexa ranking system in this aspect.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is part of the on-page SEO campaign that you can do in order to let your site become attractive to Google and the other search engines. This method is to let your on-site contents become clickable through your other quality and engaging contents. This is one of the simplest link building strategies you can apply.

Do-Follow Linking

Apply also the do-follow linking method. How? You can participate in some forum sites to build a solid network. You have to only find the forum sites with do-follow contents. Then, you can make some personal and subjective comments there. By doing this, you can establish a good relationship, which is useful for your online marketing campaign in the long run.

Relationship Linking

Because humans are social animals, relationship building is one of the best link building strategies you can ever do. Having new contacts, new friends, and new network within your niche or interest can really help your site become popular. You can do relationship linking by simply sharing your content pages with others and also re-sharing other people’s contents.

Testimonial Method

Credible testimonials from third-party individuals can help your site go up in the search engine result pages. This method can be used to bolster quality traffic going to your site. For example, you are promoting a particular product on the market. The credible testimonials from the users can help your business grow. Other people, who will read the credible reviews, will share the content pages of your site. Sooner or later, your site will have voluminous quality juices.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is still applicable. It gives you the opportunity to include your site and its content in other popular sites. You can choose some popular bookmarking sites, such as Reddit, Blinklist, and MyBookmarks. There, you can place and share your own site and provide brief and concise information about its pages.

Dead Backlinks Recovery Technique

Last but not the least, recovering the dead backlinks in your site is helpful. Though this may not sound good, for some SEO experts, recovering your dead juices or backlinks can still play a major role to caddy your site to the top pages. It can simply be done by getting the list of your dead backlinks through simple tools like Link Juice Recovery (LJR). Once the listing is done, let LJR regenerate the .htaccess codes for you. After the process, you have to use the regenerated codes and place them in your own .htaccess file.

Since link building should be focused more on the “white hat SEO techniques,” refraining from the use of tools is quite necessary. Why? This to avoid Google and other search engines detect that you’re crawling your back linking methods through the use of tools. But to check your backlink juices, you can use simple tools, like Ahrefs. You can definitely enjoy the best link building strategies by learning them first and then applying them to reap positive results.